So… What is Malmaxa?

Envision a world ruled by six Divine Laws, immutable and absolute.

Liaju is about to receive her twelfth marks. Arcane symbols etched within her flesh, by Divine Decree.  Mystic marks, granting access to her first matching Convocation.  Troubling dreams… Liaju’s vision reveals the precipice her people, the Seizen, unknowingly approach – and a possible path of escape. An obscure path, hidden and locked.  Liaju holds its elusive key, as incomprehensible as it is frightening.  Self-sacrifice.  Must Liaju relinquish all to secure the Seizen’s survival?

Eden, a mischievous child, succumbs to temptation and leads her cousin astray.  Their path leads through terror and death, to ultimate understanding. Trickery reveals treachery – Eden’s misdeed unveils a monstrous murder.

None shall speak for the Gods” – the Principle Law precludes organized religion, but not belief.  Within Malmaxa are no kings or queens, no machines, no pre-determined social hierarchy, and no laws permitted – other than those of the Gods themselves.  Anarchy unleashed, or paradise’s picture?

Thrown into a perpetual, remorseless conflict you soon discover Malmaxa is more about the Seizen than place.  Sorely troubled, barbaric, complex and intriguing Malmaxa is, yet it is only the setting for the true tale – the characters, their motivations, and the choices which shape and define them.

Dreams and desires, dignity and delusion, inevitable demise?  Face difficult decisions, make impossible choices.  Search your soul for pity.  Feel shame… and satisfaction when you find none.

Envision Malmaxa, then step inside and experience a world at once astonishingly different, and disturbingly familiar.  Experience… enlightenment?


Malmaxa means a great deal to me, its author.   A passion I hope you’ll feel when reading it.  With the sales pitch aside here is a further thought I had.

I emailed one of my two surviving brothers today and during my rambling response (I tend to do that…) I had occasion to say what the tale is to me.  An edited excerpt from that email appears below.

“Malmaxa is principally about a single thing. Period.  Individual character.  The world within it is little more than a crucible in which characters are shaped and formed. Perhaps one day you will be tempted to read it and will recognize elements of people you know, but expressed and revealed through other eyes.  Tell me something, brother of mine, how many sides does a coin have?
Malmaxa is my vision of a perfect world, sparsely populated with imperfect people.”

To the best of my knowledge he has yet to read a single word, but who knows, someday he might…

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