Tweets for Posterity 2.

Sometimes life, and love can be more tragic than any fiction, perhaps that is why so many authors rewrap reality in their work?

Remember, the only true form of immortality is memories of you in the people you know – don’t let that be of a person too busy to have fun.

When strong feelings flood the heart, a level head stems the tide.

What I lack in expertise, I make up with incompetence..

Art is at the discretion of the artist, not the audience – who are entirely free to dislike it.

Remember always that happiness is never frivolous. Work, on the other hand, often is.

Those who care, matter. Those who don’t, don’t matter.

An auspicious day indeed. My favorite middle daughter’s birthday, and the electronic release of “The Pilgrimage”. Happy Birthday Dannielle!!

Though we are our parents’ ultimate creation, flesh of their flesh, blood of their blood, our character… is our own.

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Musing misuser of words, lover of lyrical literature, author, occasional contrary thoughts. An honorable man’s name, in memoriam.
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