Back home!

I just returned home, after a long, stress filled week away from home.

Anyway, sitting in the garage with my two younger kids and my wife {she retires to the garage to smoke – a horrific habit, but at least she doesn’t pollute the house, that’s love for you!}  We’re all busy ragging my youngest daughter about a boy friend who is shorter than her…

“He’s just a friend, and a boy!”

Methinks thou dost protest too much…  I made the observation that all my girls seem attracted to males they can dominate.  As she often does, Julia immediately turned the tables on me by smiling conspiratorially at her mother, and saying “Why did you pick dad, Mom?”

I turned toward my wife with an arched eyebrow.  After a deadpan minute, she says “Because I thought he was going to die soon.”  {Since she was my nurse, and I was indeed expected to die, there is a significant truth in her words.}

WELL, WELL, WELL…  🙂 – it turns out I had the last laugh on her!  I somehow managed to survive – we recently celebrated our Silver Wedding anniversary.

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