Deadline’s Dawn

A note of good wishes to all the entrants in the Writer’s Voice contest – accept my apologies if I never managed to visit your blog, work got in the way.  I don’t recall reading a single bad entry, while I do recall reading some I considered outstanding and exceptional in every way.  The judges really have their work cut out for them – and my hat off to them for running this contest.  Thank you all for your efforts!

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Born and raised in a country of five names, a citizen of the world. A thorny old man.
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2 Responses to Deadline’s Dawn

  1. j smith says:

    thanks for visiting my blog! i fear your pre-cognition might have been off…alas, you won’t be suspect for witchcraft. *high five*

    • C.G. Ayling says:

      Nay, my pre-cognition has simply not yet come to fruition –I have no doubt it shall, though perhaps not in this iteration.

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