Julia, my gem.

This morning, my wife decided to drive me to work.  With her usual thoughtfulness she went out a few minutes early, unlocked the car and turned it on to warm up.  After admonishing my boy to brush his teeth I went out and climbed into the passenger seat.

Julia appeared a moment later, opened the driver’s side passenger door, then stopped.  A brief pause, then she closed the door and came around to the passenger side and clambered in behind me.  Her brother is much taller than her, as I am to my wife – who had moved the driver’s seat forward.

Julia hadn’t needed prompting to grant her brother the additional leg room, I doubt she’d even analyzed her action.  She’s thirteen, caring, and considerate… she’s my JuliaGem.

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Musing misuser of words, lover of lyrical literature, author, occasional contrary thoughts. An honorable man’s name, in memoriam.
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