Marriage, a word’s meaning.

Marriage, a wonderful word ~ a worthy institution ~ a question, of meaning…

Although I never thought anyone had the right to tell another who they can or can’t love,  long did I hold the belief that the word marriage defined a union between a man and a woman. Very recently I was thinking about this and realized that limiting this particular word to a narrow, archaic construct has a major impact on people – my belief that a word should be limiting, placed severe constraints on others.

Who am I to tell anyone who chooses to make a commitment, that they cannot – simply because the one to whom they commit themselves is of the same gender? I don’t have that right, and if I did… well, I would cast it away.

In the past, I would have voted for any type of civil union, regardless of its name. Yet, within my heart, I reserved the word marriage for only the variety of union in which I am bound. My way, is not the only right way.

Now, I must open my closed mind and grant others, different from me, their chance at happiness, their chance at lifelong togetherness. Call it a civil union, call it a marriage, or simply call it by its true name… love.

While none of us has any right to determine the lie of another’s heart, everyone deserves a chance at completion.  Well done Washington, for taking a leadership role amongst the United States, once more.

{04/14/13 you can read more of my journey to understand the meaning of marriage, here.}

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