A daughter’s “warmth”.

Today, is my birthday – which is good news for someone with a memory like mine. You see, yesterday was my Godfather’s birthday – which means it’s pretty easy for me to remember mine!

Anyway my youngest daughter, Julia, has been away on her class trip to Washington DC. She returned this morning, however I never saw her until lunchtime, when she dragged me down the stairs to reveal another little note, along with a duck feather on my desk – presumably to be used as a writing implement. I faithfully transcribe her note, below.

Dear father,

I didn’t know what to give you, I couldn’t find the right words for a poem so I will give you this instead.

Age is but a number, as is time only a placeholder. When you don’t think about the time is it really there? I have to say If you don’t think about age you can live forever. Not in reality but you will be remembered for living like you can never die…

I know I will die one day but not before you old man, see you in the fire.

Yes, she does have a certain way with words – I think I’ll keep her, for now…

PS. In celebration of my Godfather’s birthday, my first novel “Beltamar’s War” is FREE on Amazon for May 23rd, and 24th. This offer should be available globally, simply head on over to your nearest Amazon and do a search for “Beltamar’s War”.  Please snag a copy for yourself, and tell any friends, too.

Consider it my gift, to you. Your gift, to me, will be to read it, and weep {I mean that in a good way.}

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Musing misuser of words, lover of lyrical literature, author, occasional contrary thoughts. An honorable man’s name, in memoriam.
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4 Responses to A daughter’s “warmth”.

  1. Talon says:

    lol! Awesome birthday missive. 🙂

    We gotta love our kids because, really, what is the alternative? 🙂

    Hope your day was chock-full of beautiful moments like that note.

    • C.G.Ayling says:

      When they are young we wind them up, and watch them play.
      As we age, they wind us up, and laugh.
      Every day I spend with my progeny, is a day of laughter, and love.

  2. wendy says:

    Happy Birthday!

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