Where lies Eternity?

Several things motivated this piece. A question from a friend, provoking realization that some truly good things end. One such thing was the very recent passage of a great man, back into the dust from whence all of us were formed.  Nelson Mandela returns to eternity’s pool, there to swim with the likes of other rare souls such as Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa.

I count myself blessed to have walked upon the face of this earth with two such gloriously serene souls. You should too.

~ Where lies Eternity? ~

Is time the constant that it seems,
or is it something mystical, and unseen,
the immeasurable, between,
varying with the wind,
slowing its passage past the sun,
or the age of the heart within.
If eternity is merely time,
does it vary with its where,
or is it constant, and everywhere?
Time multiplied, is eternity.
Yet how measure we,
this thing we so casually call,
Longer than a universe’s life,
or from a universe’s birth, till its demise,
the trajectory of light, into a black hole,
the gravity that marks,
the circuit of a sun,
or of a heavenly body, overrun,
from humanity’s rise, until to its past due fall
the duration, of a momentous human life,
or the entire passage, of a seemingly insignificant fly,
where in all these things, does eternity lie?
Or is it shorter still,
from a dusk, until wherever’s new dawn
a single day, trapped in a job that we despise,
hours, spent in bliss,
with the ones we so will miss,
the duration of a dream,
another changeling thing,
or a minute, in a chastised child’s eye,
the full circuit of, a single drop of blood,
as it courses through our veins,
does eternity terminate,
when our blood’s movement, ends,
when our blood becomes still?
I think that it might,
and thus is a soul’s plight,
to return to the void,
and there
to begin,

{Should you so wish, you may find other bits of thought cast in lyrical form on the page named [Samples], linked above. Or simply browse around my blog, or head back into the web without further pause – your choice, this a moment of your eternity, to be spent as you will.}

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