What is True Friendship?

I place inordinate value in true friendship. Likely because I have so few. So what is True Friendship, to me?

~ True Friendship ~
We can talk of many anythings,
and understand.
We can talk of many anythings,
and never judge.
We can talk of many anythings,
and be forgiven.
We can talk of many anythings,
and still feel that we are loved.

To me, this is the nature of true friendship. I have, and have had, only three that meet this test. And yes, true friendship is indeed something you should never test.

Some of my thoughts on friendship from Twitter appear below, perhaps you might enjoy reading them.  If you’re on Twitter you can forward them to your friends by retweeting them from right here, with the button inside each tweet.

While you consider my thoughts on friendship, ask yourself how many true friendships you have, and how much they mean to you. To me, mine mean the world.

The blood that binds friendship, flows not in veins. #thought

One of the most powerful things about social media is it’s ability to eliminate distance as a factor in friendship. #thought

Words, the anvil upon which friendship is formed, or destroyed.

#FF you say? Well, for me that inspired a poem about friendship – read it here:- http://bit.ly/CGApFrn And never forget your friends.

A friendship without trust might be better termed a mutual-use association.

Friendship is not subject to time’s passage.

a sign of true friendship is that time may pass, yet nothing changes, and when together again, all is, the same.

True friendship is something to be treasured, not tallied.

How is friendship formed? From mutual likes, respect, and trust? Perhaps knowing you can reveal your true nature, without fear of judgment?

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Indeed, you’ll even find a poem about friendship, }

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