~ Fears ~

My greatest fear is injury,
not an injury to me,
but to others who I touch
in deed, or word, it matters not
nor whether the hurt is real,
or simply the unheard song,
of an unseen soul’s appeal,
every injury, is real…
even if it is only in a

The things that make me beam
the little things, of which I dream
the unseen sound of souls that sigh,
the clear essence of two souls that cry
tears that start their path as joy
wend their way through guilt
and by path’s end, are never shed.
True love lives on, it is never

No worry that we can’t walk back,
can’t turn about,
can’t find that track,
our footprints fade,
they must,
dark dreams crumble into dust,
face our fears, face the front
walk toward a future bright
walk together, in each others

Wonderful memories, illicit,
delightful dreams, explicit,
our memories may never fade
though some cut deeper than any

The path we walk this way,
would that holding hands we may,
as friends fingertips do touch,
jogging the others memory to breathe,
that their hearts beneath such love
don’t crush,
where we are today…
is a far better place, than

Rather than dwell in errors past,
let us form a friendship,
that will

Eternity awaits, my dear,
and yes, I will take you,

I hope you enjoyed this poem. If you like lyrical literature, please try Beltamar’s War. I can promise you it is nothing like anything you’ve ever read, and I would really appreciate your support.

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Musing misuser of words, lover of lyrical literature, author, occasional contrary thoughts. An honorable man’s name, in memoriam.
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