An Artist’s Eyes

~ An Artist’s Eyes ~
Perhaps the mark of an artist’s eye
is that where others see clouds,
we perceive a sad sky.
Where others see ugly,
we see beauty, covered by a lie.
Where others see hearts torn asunder,
we see love, eagerly awaiting plunder.
Where others see storms,
artists see all,
illuminated by the lightning,
that strikes before thunder’s fall.

I hope you enjoyed that little poem. If you’re interested in my motivations for writing it please read on.

There is truth in all things, we have only the need to find it. Yes, sometimes the truth seems dark and dismal, however it never is. That which is dark and dismal is the deeds that the truth illuminates.

Likewise is natural beauty found in all things, we merely need to look more closely than we do. Examined with more than superficial curiosity even a dusty little piece of gravel, something we trod on without the slightest thought, transforms into perfectly formed crystals more intricate than anything humanity produces. Are not the most wonderful patterns, and the most varied, to be found when something we define as “transparent, odorless, and tasteless” falls from a chilled sky. Cold grants a new form, and a truly mystical beauty, to water as it is transformed into snowflakes.

Why do we shy away from those with a broken heart? Do we fear their pain is contagious? Are we so cowardly we fear we might feel it too? Like so many chances missed due to our own inner fears, even a broken heart is filled with opportunity. Broken hearts bleed love, while mended hearts don’t stem that flow. When we perceive pain we should rush to the aid of the injured. It matters not if that pain is physical or emotional, pain tended is pain lessened. Pain shared in comfort forms powerful bonds.

In modern society so few seem willing to argue. They would rather close their eyes, their mouths, their hearts, and their minds to the chance they might be incorrect. An argument is like a storm. Voices raised in passion are the thunder. Insight into our antagonist’s point of view is the lightning that illuminates who they really are. And as for us, our revealed passions grant them chances to see us as we truly are. Recently I tweeted this thought –

In passion lies truth.

Please consider these thoughts the next time you find yourself timidly closing your mouth instead of speaking your mind. The real you lives within your passions. Don’t you want the world to know that special, unique individual?

{P.S. Within Malmaxa the number six, the precise number of segments to every snowflake ever formed, is held to be the “The number of the Gods.” Why might this be?}

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