Faroene is one of the principal Heroes within my literal world, Malmaxa. She is also a Warrior, for within Malmaxa no gender distinction exists in the definition of Hero.

On Twitter, someone asked Faroene to “explain to me exactly what the heck you are”.
The poem below is Faroene’s response, in character, and in her words. As the author, I merely serve as the conduit between Faroene and the reader.

~ Faroene ~
My legs are long, my feet are fleet,
I’ll use their speed, my fate to meet,
my arms are strong, my swordhand swift,
boons granted by my Chukrah’s gift,
Like blood, my hair is red, my Soul deep, yet blue,
for recently my heart has been torn in two,
a man other than my match I met,
and into my heart, his love hath crept.
When comfort in his embrace I took,
my Soul free from its cage he shook,
into passion pure and dark I looked,
such all-abiding love cannot be mistook.
I wonder if our love the Gods enraged,
for when in Ancient Conflict we last engaged,
into Eternity’s book they scribed a sad, new page,
for such is a Warrior’s lot, and such our wage.
My one true love the Gods laid dead,
I held him, teary eyes, heart sore,
till the last Soul tingle to his Chukrah fled,
as he departed, into Death’s dark maw.
And thus does my true love lie lost,
Within Malmaxa’s walls, I’ll bear honor’s cost,
A Warrior I am, proud, and true,
So in Malmaxa, to my match,
my truths,
I’ll tell,
I must.

Initially some of Faroene’s poem might seem confusing. If you wish to understand Faroene’s plight and witness her truths, I encourage you to read “Beltamar’s War”, it is the first novel in my Epic Fantasy saga, Malmaxa. Fantasy proves an excellent cover for Philosophy, for within the realms of the fantastic, readers willingly consider thoughts they would never dare dream.

Should you read my work, and have any questions for Faroene, don’t hesitate to ask her on Twitter where you can follow her as @Faroene. She will answer you in character, however she will not provide any spoilers.  Why?  Because Faroene has no knowledge of forthcoming events.  Faroene is a Warrior, not a Sage – that role is filled by Liaju, whom Faroene has yet to meet.  Should you frame a question to Faroene, please be gentle.  To her,  her world is real – it is ours that seems strange.

You may also follow me as @CGAyling, and yes – we both follow back.

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