Love’s Numbers.

~ Love’s Numbers ~
What matters it to you,
if I don’t love one, but two?
And what matters it to me,
if you don’t love two, but three?
Should it matter still more,
if we don’t love four, but ten-score?
Or could love’s true number be five,
is this the number for which we should strive?
Father, mother, sister, brother, and spouse…
Yet this leaves no room for our children,
thus this number would make us… a louse.
So perhaps love’s true number is six?
No! No more of these numbering tricks.
Numbers and numbers that climb,
but what when these numbers decline?
Love isn’t about numbers at all,
love is the song of a passionate call.
One doesn’t take love from their brother,
in order to grant said love to another.
Yet Love always matters my friend…
when we fear
that, for us,
love might

Love is such an inadequate word isn’t it?

Love comes in so many shapes and forms, each unique. Love is never the same, it should never be cause for blame, though sometimes it seems to be cause for shame. Love is not a structured, demarcated thing, yet we are continually compelled to make it so.

Society, in my mind the source of blame for so many things, tells us how and who we should love. Society demands that we love some people unconditionally, while placing innumerable, unspoken conditions on how we love others. The organized religions approved by society dare to impose laws on love’s ultimate commitment, namely marriage. When it comes to love, all society and religion seem to do is confuse. Do they not understand that love is the one thing the world needs in excess?

Love is incredibly important to me. I truly believe it improves lives. When we love others we care… and to me, caring is immeasurably better than indifference.

About C.G.Ayling

Musing misuser of words, lover of lyrical literature, author, occasional contrary thoughts. An honorable man’s name, in memoriam.
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4 Responses to Love’s Numbers.

  1. john howell says:

    Very nice post. Really liked the poem as well

  2. I agree. Loving and being loved has been the mainstay of my life – and I’m still not finished. I like your poetry also and will continue to investigate. Best wishes.

    • C.G.Ayling says:

      My son has said that the purpose of life is procreation. He probably heard similar words from me. However the part he may have forgotten is that the meaning of life is love.
      We have to be so careful with the words we use around our children, for they remember far more than we do…

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