On Alcohol

Dizzy, is what a single drink does to me.

I have no tolerance for alcohol, and I am perfectly fine with that. Indeed I find it rather amusing how so many people are so proud of their ability to hold their liquor. I don’t know what I can equate that to, except perhaps pride in their own stupidity. But then one of the many things alcohol does is damage virtually every organ in the body, including the brain, so I guess it makes some kind of sense.

I wonder why people find it difficult to understand me when I say “I don’t drink.” I’m not being coy, and I’m definitely not trying to use reverse psychology on them in the hope they will press alcohol on me. Which is how they seem to take that statement.  And no, I won’t make an exception to my principles in order to fit into some social circle.

To me, “I don’t drink”, seems like such a simple, unambiguous statement. But of course it isn’t.  Of course I drink! In fact I drink copious amounts.  Of coffee and tea mostly.  But Alcohol? No. Occasionally at Christmas I’ll have a very small glass of some liqueur, when my immediate family gather. Always on a full stomach, but even that doesn’t fully mitigate its effects, which I dislike.  I don’t like being dizzy, and I don’t like the blurring of my senses that inevitably accompanies the consumption of even a minute amount of alcohol.

Since I value tolerance, let me clarify what I mean by “no tolerance.”  I don’t mean no tolerance as in I think alcohol should be abolished.  I mean no tolerance as in it has an immediate effect on me.

Perhaps the bottom line in this is that I know my limit, and my limit is none.  Do you know yours?

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