On Pre-Destiny

it does a soul good…

Bless is a word I am extremely reluctant to use.

If we look on good fortune as blessings, we must also look on ill fortune as curses. Either of those is an implicit acceptance of pre-destiny. Either of those is also an implicit acceptance of benign and malign superior entities which are capable of manipulating our fate.

There are no words I know which are capable of encapsulating my thoughts on this topic.  But even knowing I will surely fail, I’ll try anyway.

Good fortune indicates luck.  What is luck, save favorable fate?  What is fate but an acceptance of strictures beyond our control?  If we can neither control nor influence our own destiny, what then?

Is all that remains to quietly accept the vagaries of fate?

How can we timidly accept that something outside our understanding has predetermined our every thought and deed?

If there is predetermination then it must be absolute.  It cannot be partial, for if predetermination is only partial then predetermination does not exist at all.

If we accept absolute predetermination, then since all actions are predetermined we must also accept that absolutely nothing we do matters.

If we accept nothing we do matters, then we must ultimately accept that we are nothing.

Nothing… means we must accept that we are not even stardust.

Formed from the dust of dead stars, we are.

I can’t accept that.

I am merely human, and therefore incapable of understanding that which is outside human understanding.

Now that, I can accept.

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