On dé·jà vu

dé·jà vu
pronunciation: dāZHä ˈvo͞o
noun: déjà vu
a feeling of having previously experienced the present situation.

dé·jà vu, also known as “Further thoughts on Fate.

I wonder if those who have never experienced Fate are simply too blind to notice it, too insensitive to feel its feather-light touch, or too scared to think again when dé·jà vu fills their mind with memories they at first think are not their own?

Am I making too much of nothing in an attempt to prove Fate exists?  Nope.  I don’t need to prove Fate exists.  Why?  Because I know there are billions who don’t believe fate exists and that nothing I say or do will sway their minds.  And then there are other souls who already know Fate does exist.  Likewise there is no need for me to prove anything to them.

There is no need for me to prove anything.  Yet I do have a need

My blog has never been about proofs, it has always been about feelings.  Which is what my need is.  The need to share my feelings in hope they stir feeling within others.  In this post the feelings I’m sharing are related to my thoughts on Fate, which I’ve blogged about at various times.  If you’re interested, here is a breadcrumb that might lead you to the trail that led me here.


The topic of fate is so complicated it is very difficult to understand.  Please don’t mistake anything I’ve previously said to mean “Everything is set in stone, nothing can change anything, so just give up already!”  Not only have I never said or felt that, but I’m not saying it at all.  However I am having difficulty finding words to explain what my heart reveals.  Enormous difficulty.

If Fate is absolute, then nothing matters.  Right?  No, that is completely wrong.  It is precisely because fate is absolute, that everything matters.

If a good person sees an ill deed done, yet does nothing, then they aren’t good at all.  It is not fate that determines whether people are of good or bad nature, it is how people react to the circumstances of their fate that determines their nature.

If we don’t try, then we are the ones who lack, and we are the ones at fault.

Whether or not our attempts are fated to fail or to succeed does not matter one whit.  What matters is that we make the attempt to change destiny.  It is our struggle which most clearly defines us as worthy.

Worthy or unworthy of what?  Well, perhaps worthy of an escape from the inescapable clutches of the Fates.  Perhaps through access to heaven where we are no longer bound by the Fates, but also from where we can no longer interfere in the fates of those who remain bound.

Lots more thoughts to condense into words.  Lots.  So if you’re of the patient, thinking sort then come back and visit sometime and you may well find further semi-coherent thoughts on the nature of chaos.  I won’t promise when, since when is outside my hands.  But the attempt?  That is not.

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2 Responses to On dé·jà vu

  1. Dave Grigger says:

    “However I am having difficulty finding words to explain what my heart reveals. Enormous difficulty.”

    had this very convo yesterday.
    BTW, retested & i’m now infp 🙂

    to me i wonder if these things you know
    & some of the things i know
    are so difficult to put into words
    because they come from a place inside of us
    that pre-dates language
    dunno, but LOVE these thoughts your chasing
    can’t wait for the fate! 🙂

    • C.G.Ayling says:

      Though not necessarily good, change is inevitable. Sometimes that change is growth. Welcome to INFP, which is not to say INFP is in any way better than any other other character classification, but it different to INTJ, which is what I vaguely recall you being.

      I think we have difficulty finding the words because they simply do not exist. Least not in English. Yes, I think these feelings come from somewhere deep and so ancient it was encoded into our DNA long before humans were human.

      We unravel our DNA and in so doing think we gain understanding, however in so doing perhaps we are really unraveling the ladder to heaven. I don’t like that thought, but that is the thought my heart framed and my mind translated into English words.

      I am very glad to have your company on this journey, Dave. Very glad.

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