If Thoughts

~ If Thoughts… ~
If thoughts were twinkling stars
You would be the first one seen each night.
If thoughts were but sighs
You would be every breath I take.
If thoughts were tears
You would be the river in which I swim.
If thoughts were kisses
I’d save them all for you.
If thoughts were rays of light
You would be the dawn.
If thoughts were formed in words
Every word would be for you.
If thoughts were drops of paint
You would the canvas covered in their art.
If thoughts were merely waves
You would the ocean in unrest.
If thoughts were but a breeze
You would be the Four Winds at gale force.
If thoughts were only thoughts
You would still fill mine.
If thoughts were morning coffee
You would be the first sip I take.
If thoughts were only dreams
Would that every dream I have is you.
If thoughts were drops or blood
You would fill my veins.
If thoughts of you were unshed tears
I’d never cry again.
If thoughts were single steps
You’d be the lifelong path I choose to take.
If thoughts were fingers
Yours with mine would be entwined.
If thoughts were tender kisses
You would be passion and pure bliss.
If thoughts were memories
Would that every single one was you.
If thoughts were fingertips
You would gently press to my lips.
If thoughts were single pixels
You would be the only image in my head.
If thoughts were drops of water
You would be torrential rain.
If thoughts were considered wicked
You would be the essence of pure sin.
If thoughts were all of goodness
You’d be the Angel who dwells within.
If thoughts were little fears
You would be Terror incarnate.
If thoughts were degrees of warmth
You would be the Sun.
If thoughts were the shadows cast at night
You would be the Moon.
If thoughts were simple sounds
You would be an orchestra in tune.
If thoughts were the patter of small feet
You would be a sonic boom.
If thoughts were calm silence
You would be the Void.
If thoughts were measured distance
You’d be the circumference of my world.
If thoughts were things we chose
I’d choose every one to be of you.
If thoughts were little impacts
You’d be hammer blows to my heart.
If thoughts were grains of sand
You’d be all the beaches of all worlds.
If thoughts were tiny pinpricks
You would be every needle ever cast.
If thoughts were tender touches
You’d be pressed firm against my flesh.
If thoughts were desires
You would be all of mine fulfilled.
If thoughts were distance traveled
You’d be my start and my destination too.
If thoughts were single stars
You’d be my Universe.
It thought was but a single word
the word for You’d be Love.
If thought was but a single sound
the sound for You’d be Soul.
For You, my love,
are the One
who makes me

My son seems to believe Poetry must rhyme.  On the other hand, I seem to think Poetry must have meaning.  I wonder what you think?

Oh, and please visit again some time… Why? Because something else I seem to think is that meanings change, and thus so does my poetry.

About C.G.Ayling

Musing misuser of words, lover of lyrical literature, author, occasional contrary thoughts. An honorable man’s name, in memoriam.
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3 Responses to If Thoughts

  1. I agree poetry must have a meaning. Will be blogging later today.

  2. julieanneda says:

    Poetry IS meaning, it’s the language of reality and dreams entwined together singing our souls song. As you say that meaning changes depending on how our feelings are vibrating at the moment we join with it.
    Poetry can rhyme, but it is not a rule, like our soul song, it is what it is when we are expressing ourselves.

    • C.G.Ayling says:

      Great description, Julie. Was I to extend it I might do so by saying a poem is like a repeated conversation between two people. Even were we to sit opposite each other and repeat the conversation precisely, word for word, the conversation would differ each time.

      Sometimes the nuance of a poem changes with our mood. Sometimes.

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