on Our Soul’s Counsel

How can you not hear your soul?  Or, perhaps to you the question is “How can you hear your soul?”

In a way I don’t have an answer to either question, yet in another way, I have answers to both.

If you’re fortunate, then at some time in your life something will happen to encourage you to realize there’s a whole lot more to life than mere animated hunks of flesh lumbering about in search of their own hedonistic pleasures.  That moment is when you’ll realize you not only have a soul, but that your soul speaks to you.  If you make the connection and realization which follows it, then you will be fortunate indeed.

Why?  Because everything will change.

The need to claw your way to the top of the heap, regardless of who your talons touch, suddenly falls away.  I wonder if you have any concept of how liberating that is?  Sadly, the majority of people don’t.  How can I say that?  Look at the world and you’ll see… so many who think adornments worn on the flesh are more important than feelings that dwell in their hearts.  So many who think that things they hold in their hands are more important than those they hold in their heart.

At the time of writing this post I’m halfway through my fifty-sixth year.  I was fortunate enough to experience this about five years ago, and it did indeed change everything for me.  My old age is good news, since it means it might not be too late for you.

I’ve always tried to be understanding – I haven’t changed, I still try, but now I try harder.
I’ve always tried to be compassionate – I haven’t changed, I still try, but now I try a lot harder.
I’ve always tried to be tolerant – I haven’t changed, I still try, but now I try a whole lot harder.
I’ve always tried to be forgiving – I haven’t changed, I still try, but now I try so much harder.
I’ve always tried to be loving – I haven’t changed, I still try, but now I try to show it, where before I tried to hide it.

I didn’t really believe in souls, but then something happened and I realized the connection we humans have is simply not “normal”.  I think that is when I realized what a soul is, and how important they are to our overall well-being.  If you’re lucky, something will happen that makes you change.

Life is not an “accident”, it is something wonderfully mysterious, and it truly matters. All life, not just ours.  Please think about that.

I listen to mine soul now, and I can’t imagine what it would be like to live without its counsel.  I hope you hear yours, and that it changes your life as positively as hearing mine has changed mine.

Oh, and no.  This has nothing to do with religious dogma, as evidenced by the multitudes of the religious who blatantly flaunt their worldly wealth.  No, it has only to do with your soul.  I wonder?  Are you one of the fortunate?  Of course you are, yet which type of fortunate are you?

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