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Giving thanks, where thanks is due.

This post is based on a recent email conversation. I have to say that the generosity of honest reviewers never ceases to amaze me. They  spend their time for no reward other than being transported out of our troubled world … Continue reading

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Beltamar’s War. Re-Release!

If you’re book reviewer I’d like to hear from you. If you’re a book reviewer who enjoys complex, thought provoking works like The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien, or The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan, I’d really … Continue reading

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Why do Independent Authors Need Honest Reviews?

Genuine people who are willing to take their time to write honest reviews are all too hard to find. Reviewing is a thankless task. Yes, the reviewer might get a free book, but for the amount of time they spend … Continue reading

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The Z-Axis.

A review by Amira K. Makansi, originally hosted on her blog, “The Z Axis.”  The full, un-edited text of Amira’s review appears below. Book Review: “Beltamar’s War (Malmaxa)” by C.G. Ayling I was really thrilled to have the opportunity to read … Continue reading

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Little absences.

My twitter followers may have noticed I’ve been gone for a couple of days. The reason is that I needed to clean up an infection on my website by a nasty little rascal called the “Pharma Hack”. What this misguided … Continue reading

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