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  1. Joyce Halladay says:

    I wanted to expand a bit more on my Tweet. My journey to middle age has been nothing short of miraculous. When I was fifteen I tried to kill myself, thankfully, I did not succeed. When I hit my physical, emotional and spiritual bottom at forty, the rooms of recovery helped to piece me back together. In these rooms we talk about a Higher Power! The God of my recovery looks very different from the God of my childhood. I did not come to this understanding of my Higher Power easily, or without a struggle.

    In recovery it is suggested that we open ourselves to the possibility that we are not God. We can make the rooms our Higher Power, we can make the people in the rooms our Higher Power. It doesn’t matter what we believe, as long as we believe in something, outside ourselves. I found God in those rooms, in the people and in the miracles of recovery!

    My Higher Power led me to a sanctuary, a little church where I learned to accept and forgive myself, and now the circle expands to include others. Reading philosophy and psychology books over many years, I had gained a practical understanding of my brain and what happened to me, but my spirit needed a place to rest. Buddhism helped immensely for a time,with meditative practice I was able to not get caught when emotions flooded me to the point of panic attacks.

    Still my spirit ached for a more. I challenged myself, to read the Bible. I had never read the Bible in its entirety. I have found it to be an amazing book, at fiftytwo, I am finally reading one of the most controversial books ever published! Its contents give me so much more than I could have ever imagined. People just like me, fallible, humans who carried on with life despite hardship, heartache and pain. It gives me hope, that I am not alone!

    I have heard this many times,”We are spiritual beings on a human journey, not human beings on a spiritual journey!” Blessings my friend! 🙂

    • C.G.Ayling says:

      Joyce, my admiration for you grows. You have a wonderful way with words, and of overcoming obstacles. For any visiting this page, you can find Joyce on Twitter, as @joypathall

  2. I was taken by your welcoming poem. Its words just moved right, and bright to speak their language clearly. You are a good poet.

    Thanks for the twitter follow. I tried something new on my blog this morning. It is April 13th, snow is piled in the bushes, and the birds are confused. It was time for something new. I’ll see how it goes..

    Now I most crack the code. I must prove I am human and able to discipher blurred lines. I think writers would have an advantage. Here goes….

  3. I will say ‘like’ because there is no like button. God bless

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