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Someone on Twitter was kind enough to send me a comment via DM about her reasons for deciding not to read my work.   Essentially this post encapsulates her comment and my reply, which she entirely motivated.

Beltamar’s War, and the series it begins, is the work in question.   As there isn’t a genre whose description correctly defines precisely what Malmaxa is about I was forced to choose the closest mismatch, which is “Fantasy”.  So, am I saying my work isn’t Fantasy?  Yes, I’m saying precisely that – Malmaxa is not Fantasy.  Unfortunately, to grasp what Malmaxa is you’ll have to read it for yourself. And no, that isn’t an artfully designed sales pitch – read the reviews to see how others perceive my work.

In order to let me to reciprocate, I use a free program called CrowdFire to monitor who follows and unfollows me on Twitter.  One of CrowdFire’s features is the ability to send a message to new followers.  Please note this welcome message is the sole method of automation I use on Twitter, everything else is manually me.

And with the preamble done, back to meat of this post.

My CrowdFire greeting message, as it was during this conversation:-

Welcome! If I’m not on your TL, I soon will be:)
Meanwhile, read real reviews
& try it if it appeals. -via @crowdfire

The DM comment.

Excellent reviews. I’m afraid they didn’t change my mind. In fact, they reaffirmed that fantasy’s not for me. One review mentioned it read like a mystery. That appeals, but I think it would lose to a far out world and a cast of characters with odd names and powers. I don’t enjoy many movies of this genre either. Sorry, I’m sure it’s wonderful for the right person. Your writing is phenomenal. I’m impressed and intimidated. I love to read for enjoyment and I think your book would require more from me than I have to give. You’ll do well, my friend. You’ve produced a first rate novel. I hope you won’t unfollow me because I’d like to stay connected.

My Reply.

I think you should reconsider.  I use Fantasy as a means to place people in situations within which they can suspend disbelief and allow their minds to consider fundamental questions of the nature of right, wrong, and human motivation from a viewpoint other than their own.  My work isn’t about fireballs, obvious evil, ultimate good, and supernatural beings – it is about human relationships, their incredibly complex interactions, and the obscure little things that make us do the seemingly inexplicable things we do.

I encourage you to read the free sample, which includes the first couple of chapters of the book before you dismiss my work as mere fantasy. To that end, here is a link to it on my blog – you can read it on your web browser of choice. 

As to unfollowing you because you choose not to… well that is simply not who I am 🙂  Who am I?  I am a character in my own book, but interestingly enough I’m not the character my own family firmly believe I am.  They think I am Jalgar, but Jalgar is actually a representation of my Godfather, and my pseudonym.  Yes, the names may at first glance seem unusual, but there is meaning behind every one, and those who choose to investigate them will discover most exist in our own time.  For example the apparent villain’s name is Adelmar, you might be interested to look it up on the Internet:)}

Regardless of whether you decide to read further or not, thank you so much for taking the time to reply.  I truly appreciate how valuable our time is, indeed I am saddened so few of us do.  Thank you for spending a little of yours on me.


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