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Random thoughts, from a random mind – mine. I’m fairly confident my viewpoint differs from that of the majority.

Relationship Testing.

My first really serious girlfriend, to whom I eventually became engaged only to eventually go our separate ways, once said something along the lines of, “We have to test our relationship.” My mind completely rebelled at the very idea. Why?  … Continue reading

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An Artist’s Eyes

~ An Artist’s Eyes ~ ~ Perhaps the mark of an artist’s eye is that where others see clouds, we perceive a sad sky. Where others see ugly, we see beauty, covered by a lie. Where others see hearts torn … Continue reading

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Reviewers should be revered, not reviled.

{edit 02/23/14} If you’re an author, you’ve had bad reviews or unfavorable press. It happens. What should never happen is you opening your mouth and ramming both your feet down your throat in an attempt to suppress those bad reviews. … Continue reading

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What is True Friendship?

I place inordinate value in true friendship. Likely because I have so few. So what is True Friendship, to me? ~ True Friendship ~ ~ We can talk of many anythings, and understand. We can talk of many anythings, and … Continue reading

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Very Inspiring Blog Award.

A wonderful person I know only as Ursula nominated my blog for this award – more on her below. The Rules. 1. Display the logo on your blog. 2. Link back to the person who nominated you. 3. State 7 … Continue reading

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Follow Friday, 02-22-13.

If you’re like me, you have enormous difficulty finding tweeters worth following. Rest easy, for a moment, for every one of them listed on this page is not only real, but they’ve shown themselves to be.  To me, they’re all … Continue reading

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Karma’s Cost.

I logged into Twitter this morning, full of good cheer – only to discover my account had been suspended for “Sending multiple unsolicited @messages”. Yesterday, I participated in what I believe to be a worthy tradition. The #FF, which I … Continue reading

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Marriage, a word’s meaning.

Marriage, a wonderful word ~ a worthy institution ~ a question, of meaning… Although I never thought anyone had the right to tell another who they can or can’t love,  long did I hold the belief that the word marriage … Continue reading

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Julia, my gem.

This morning, my wife decided to drive me to work.  With her usual thoughtfulness she went out a few minutes early, unlocked the car and turned it on to warm up.  After admonishing my boy to brush his teeth I … Continue reading

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Morning Musings.

Our son had a two hour delay this morning.  Julia, my 13 year old daughter, expressed her delight, “Great, with Gareth not going to school, I get to ride in the front.” Puzzled by this lapse in judgment from a … Continue reading

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Three versions of truth.

As I climbed into the front seat of the car for the ride to school, my daughter Julia nudged me and said “I wanted to sit in the front.” Ignoring her, I climbed in and responded “You might want to, … Continue reading

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Fried Green Tomatoes.

This morning my wife dragged me upstairs, enslaved me, then forced me to clean up my tools – which had mysteriously begun accumulating in the kitchen. After my release from this barbaric and prolonged internment, (it must have taken nearly five … Continue reading

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Inner Conflicts.

I believe we’re almost universally filled with these strange little inner conflicts, perhaps they even aid in defining human nature.  Today, I’m considering how we value our individuality, while actively trying to fit in. Our upbringing might well seed this particular … Continue reading

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You heard what?

Language is crucial to modern man, without which we probably would never have developed further than extended family units.  However, effective communication is much more than mere words arranged into an understandable order.  Indeed, my suspicion is that during primitive man’s … Continue reading

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Love vs. Hate

In humanity, the theme of opposing forces appears often.  Is this because we’re drawn to conflict?  Or perhaps because we hold Newton’s third law, “To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”, to hold greater truth than its … Continue reading

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