Out of the Mouths of Babes

Our three year old granddaughter, Ariadne, is a gem and a consistent user of amazingly appropriate expressions.  In this she shows a remarkable resemblance to her mother, my oldest daughter, Tamryn.

The latest tale of Ariadne is of her desperately wanting a beanbag cat with oversized eyes.

Ariadne saw it while in a fabric store with her mom and fell in love with it.  After a few days she finally talked her mom into acquiring it.  They arrive at the store, only to find the beanbag cat is now accompanied by a beanbag dragon.

After examining both, Ariadne changes her mind and chooses the beanbag dragon.  They take it home, where Ariadne diligently proceeds to take off all its price stickers and attached labels.  After all, aren’t Dragons priceless creatures that don’t deserve to be labeled?

The next day Ariadne tells her mom, “I’ve changed my mind, I really want the cat.”
Tamryn responds, “No, you chose the dragon.”
Ariadne, “But the cat will be lonely without us.”
Tamryn, “Too bad.  You picked the dragon, so now you have to stick with it.”
Ariadne, “I want the cat as well!”
Tamryn, “Not going to happen!  You’re not getting the cat.”
Ariadne, “Oh, but I think I will…”

On another occasion, when her mom denied her something she wanted, Ariadne issued the ominous warning, “You’re going to regret this…”  Remember, Ariadne is barely three years old 🙂

I’m sure there are morals to this story but I’m too tired to find them, so instead I’ll leave you with some trivia…
When in dire financial straits one of the last things parents stop buying is toys for their children.
If you want to learn more about Tamryn, you can find her in Malmaxa.  She is both an extraordinary person in my life, and an extraordinary character in my alternate world.
To find the origins of the name Ariadne, you might refer to this google search.  No, Ariadne doesn’t yet appear in Malmaxa, but she does hold an extraordinarily special place in my heart.

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