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The thing that matters most in life is love…

However here in the first world we are taught that the things that matter most in life are things.  That is so untrue and so shallow, it distresses me to even think about it.  However I do, and thus this post.

If you have nobody, then no matter what you possess you have nothing of true value.  Don’t believe me?

What good is a massive house on a huge estate if it is empty?  How joyful is that expensive new car if there is no one to share it with or to see your delight at how it drives?  Would you choose to own the entire world if it was devoid of all life, save yourself?

Without someone to love, possessions are worse than nothing.  Still think you love certain things?  When did a thing love you back?  Living creatures, pets and people, are not things, yet they are the things that matter most.  They are that which loves us back.

Perhaps the reason that seeing our our grown children occasionally reverting to being children touches us so deeply is because revealing their inner child allows them to be vulnerable again.  What surer sign of love is there than to open your heart and say, “Here, this is the real me.”

Think hard, then tell me… if you don’t give love, should you expect love in return?

Love matters… it matters when we have it, and it matters even more when we lack it.

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Musing misuser of words, lover of lyrical literature, author, occasional contrary thoughts. An honorable man’s name, in memoriam.
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  1. Sa says:

    Love is the biggest motivator in our life – especially as parents, as spouses and as members of a family or close group of friends

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