What’s the deal of?

Included in this post is an unscripted recording I made of my Granddaughters, Eden and Ariadne, when they were staying with us recently.  The recording was caught with my phone, so please excuse the variable quality and the low volume.

Very young children, Ariadne is three, have an amazing way of expressing themselves and learning language.  For reasons known only to her, Ariadne decided that instead of asking “Why?”, she’d ask, “What’s the deal of?”  When young children ask questions, I think it is our duty to answer them as comprehensively and truthfully as possible.  You’ll also hear the voice of Eden and Ariadne’s Great Grandmother, who was also staying with us but has since returned to Africa – I miss you, Mom.

The best thing about good answers is how they lead to better questions.

I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I do.

In case you’re interested, the principle character in Malmaxa is a form of Eden drawn from the ether before she was born.  In many ways the resemblance is uncanny.

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15 Responses to What’s the deal of?

  1. Nerene Scholfield says:

    “It’s because I love you”. Perfect timing. It has been nearly 29 odd years since I last heard your voice and for a minute or two I thought that I was listening to Nick. A wonderful treasure. Charles thank you for sharing this interaction between you and your granddaughters. Very precious.

    • C.G.Ayling says:

      Thank you, Nerene. Isn’t it interesting how we “forget” things, until some prompt makes it all come flooding back? For me the sound of a voice is such a prompt. I should make more recordings like this one as each of them is the key that unlocks a memory we might otherwise lose.

  2. Sa says:

    Lovely to hear you and your interaction with my grand nieces!!

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