I would like to give special thanks to all those who assisted me in the creation of this work.  Letting the words flow from one’s mind is the easiest part of writing.  The difficulty is in tweaking it so you can stomach the thought of others, intolerant of your faults, reading the tale.   Since I have a way to go before I reach that stage, if indeed it ever comes, I beg the reader’s indulgence.

Many people offered their assistance and their encouragement, of those two bear special mention:-

Rosina Elizabeth.  My mother, stubborn, supportive, and tireless in all things.

Charles Banks.  My father-in-law, sadly recently deceased.  Your encouragement lent me resolve to continue the tale.  I am truly sorry I could not complete the story before your demise, I think you would have enjoyed it.

And now… to name some names of the helpful people who aided me, in no particular order.

Rose, Charles, Amy, Gareth, Shannon, Dannielle, Emily, Jan, Sarah, Lynette, John, Tamryn, Selene, Nicholas, Patricia, Julia, and…


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Born and raised in a country of five names, a citizen of the world. A thorny old man.
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