Early Cover – Malmaxa I.

An early cover of Malmaxa I – Beltamar’s War, featuring one of the most beautiful women I’m privileged to know – my favorite middle daughter, Dannielle.

For a closer view of Daniskira, the Symbologist, click the image, you’ll be rewarded with rare radiance. The cover no longer exists in this form, seems  potential readers mistakenly thought Malmaxa advocates tattooing.  Though I have nothing against tattoos, that is far from truth…

In obedience to a Divine Law, the Seizen adorn themselves with “marks of family“, tracing their lineage down their arms with each ancestors’ Symbol.

I bear such marks, as I am certain we all do… Yet mine are not etched within my flesh, they are etched on my heart, and in my memory.  See more of Dannielle here, or read about her as she appears in my literal world, Malmaxa, here.

The current cover of the first novel is here.

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