Oh what a tangled

web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.  As anyone familiar with my posts on various forums will have realized, I love old quotes, and adages.  Many of which are contradictory, yet still remain true.

In this instance, I am not deriding myself – however, I am a wearing a chastened face as I look at my growing string of promises, all broken.  Promises, in regard to the imminent release of my second novel.  Well, what can I say, save I’ve let myself down – again.  I’m now home, sick with a chest cold.  And posting on my blog when I should be editing and formatting The Pilgrimage!  From the sublime, to the ridiculous!  Does my vanity know no bounds?

Admissions made, I am frankly delighted with the progress I’m making  on the second novel.  It is a fantastic piece of work, and you can quote me on that!  Seriously though, it expands on Malmaxa, while simultaneously tightening the threads initiated in the first novel.  As I said in an email to a friend who made the mistake of purchasing Beltamar’s War (before I reduced its price, but hopefully not its worth, to zero) and is currently reading it.  Where was I?  Oh, yes – as I said in a recent email “You are the type of reader I hope to gain – one who sees below the surface and realizes early on that paradise comes at a cost.”  Well, The Pilgrimage begins to expose the cost of the paradise presented in Beltamar’s War.  I truly hope that my readers, as few as they are, derive as much satisfaction reading the ongoing tale as I am getting writing it, and in reading it again as I near the end of editing.

If you haven’t snagged a free copy of Beltamar’s War, please do so soon, for that offer might well end “real soon now”.  Then again, it might not.

No fixed deadline on when The Pilgrimage will be done, and no arrogant assertions such as “when its ready”, either.  I know myself a little better than that…  I doubt if I will ever be completely happy with my own work, therefore it will never be “ready”, and I think that might be a very good thing.

But soon… and no – that is not a promise!

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