A child’s poem, to her mother.

Following, is a true treat for any parent.

My favorite youngest child wrote a poem for her mother, as a gift for Christmas. I received a more practical, yet equally thoughtful gift from her – a pack of cushion soled socks – they cushion both my soul, and my feet, and I have my stock replenished each Christmas, by my choice.

Without further delay, here is Julia’s hand written poem, reproduced faithfully, un-embellished, and true.

From my mum
I have learnt
so many things,
how to bake and,
how to sew
so many things
others don’t know
but most of all
I have learnt to
Survive amist
this aphotic world
Not with Hate
Not with avarice
But with kindness
That comes from
the Heart.

Does a parent’s pride ever bow before reality? #thought

With a child as wonderful as Julia is, there is no need, for her words are closer to reality, than my own.

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