Twisted Reality

Does anyone remember the crucifixion of Michael Jackson in the court of public opinion, as hosted by the mass-media? I certainly do. The treatment of Lance Armstrong strikes me the same way, I see hidden agendas in many elements of this matter, and feel sorely troubled.  These troubling thoughts prompted this free-form verse – however, many elements are applicable to anyone who realizes we’re manipulated daily by masters in deception’s art – the mass-media.

Pardon it’s raw nature, or not – I don’t care.  {Yes, I do – or I wouldn’t hurt myself, and trouble you.}

Without further ado, here is another strange, rambling poem / song. Composed to the silent sounds of Pink Floyd in my memory.

~Twisted Reality~

Why strip the wings
From those who cannot fly
Show us something more
Than this unreal dream
Not true reality
Not the place I want to be
This false reality.
Snap a picture of a scowling face
And splash it all over the place
That man’s clearly insane
He’ll do anything for gain
Least, that’s what the mass-media
Tells us, and tells us,
and tells us, again
no care they show,
for another’s pain
in current reality
We wonder if it’s fair
Does the world not care.
The world we live
Is not a dream
But it’s not real
someone tears our dreams away
rips and shreds
Our fragile reality
The mass-media lies
The truth they easily hide
With deception far and wide
Scowling pictures make the man
Into a monster true
Sending texts to me and you
Their lies never cost our trust
In their old reality
Social media might be the way
uncover all the old way’s lies,
there is no agenda here
one day the truth might be
Everyone’s reality
Social media lights the way
Throw the newspaper away
It has no place with me,
In my new reality
Rip off my crown
Tear me down
Throw me to the ground
It’s where I want to be
Thrown from your reality
Come take me by the hand
Lead me to a better land
A place where people care
Where no one stares
Where they see me
as who I strive to be
Not what the mass-media makes of me
In their old reality
Discredit me
When I don’t do what you
Want me to
Look in the mirror
Before you cast that stone
For it, you will atone
In the new reality
We can’t let him win
No no, not again
Someone stole my life away
I woke up one day
To find it ripped away
But I don’t know why.
Or which reality
I woke up again today,
this nightmare, still in play
found my titles stripped away,
I never rode those rides
It was the drugs that did,
Least that’s what they said
Does that make those years
vanish into smoke,
in a haze of dope.
Is what they say the truth,
No, not to me
Their undone tests and proofs
Don’t show the real truth,
least not in my heart.
Not, in a fair reality
Rehashed tests and
Contrived lies that seem true
Don’t that make my climb
into the saddle
A lie…
Not in my eye.
Not, in my reality
I never rode those hills,
There were no ups and downs,
All I did was lie, and steal
Least that is the way,
They’d have you think of me.
So believe them or me,
That choice is up to you,
This is your reality
Ends come, and I go
my life, is finally my own
Cause I’m a self-made man
at the race’s end,
My conscience, is clean.
I’m who and… as I am.
In all realities.

About C.G.Ayling

Musing misuser of words, lover of lyrical literature, author, occasional contrary thoughts. An honorable man’s name, in memoriam.
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