Before we begin let me acknowledge that “Alternity” isn’t actually a word.  Prompted by recent conversation on my Twitter timeline about truth, I made it up this morning.

So, what is my intended use for the word?

Truth is not an absolute.  Indeed does truth even exist at all?  Since I personally see it everywhere I look, I am inclined to believe it does.  However, truth is a very human thing.  And like humans, who are all unique, truth varies according to the person who perceives it.

In explanation, here is one of the tweets in question.

It reads, “My truths, in my words, your truths may vary, and that’s OK, for the only truth I’ve learned of truth, is that truth is never absolute.

So how does one capture their intent when existing words simply are inadequate to succinctly convey the concept?  Perhaps by doing what has been done since time immemorial, and combining other words involved in the concept into a new word. Thus, “Alternity.”

The root words involved include the following, along with my interpretation of each {How sad is it when we must interpret our own language? Not sad at all, for therein lies great pleasure.}

Alternative. Not the same as yours, not explicitly better or worse – merely different.

Eternity. If truth is absolute, it must exist forever. Yet I believe there are no absolutes, so truth cannot exist for eternity. A nice conundrum {If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know I am particularly fond of those.}

Diversity.  This isn’t actually the word I really want, but it comes closest.

Reality.  To me, my view of truth seems real. You might well consider my views as either outright lies, or only partially true. Another tweet captures my convictions on the sentiment of partial truths.

It reads, “A partial truth, is also a partial lie.”

My intent with that tweet was to highlight another conundrum, namely that the commonly held view of truth being absolute is itself an absolute lie {and from someone who doesn’t believe in absolutes… well, I’m sure you get the idea.}

There are other words I’d like to incorporate into alternity, unfortunately they don’t exist, except within my thoughts {Like you, within my mind I am free and unfettered by constraints imposed by written and spoken language.}  Like alternity, those insubstantial thoughts aren’t really words at all, just a substantial belief that without diversity we are doomed.  With that I’ll leave you with the tweet that inspired this post.

It reads, “Embrace alternity. {Since sometimes the words we have simply won’t do, I made up one that does.}

Overall, I’m rather pleased with the result – “alternity”, a word that combines multiple very complex concepts into something so intuitive virtually anyone can understand it.  Naturally you’re entirely free to disagree with any or all of this, indeed I encourage you to do so. After all, those who question learn, while those who don’t remain the same.

If you enjoyed reading this muddled bit of philosophy I encourage you to check out my work Malmaxa – although framed in fantasy, it’s a longer philosophical journey.

{PS. While I was composing this post Imogen Forster kindly pointed out that this created word, was in fact already created, and utilized in the title of a published work called From Here to Alternity. Though I intend to read it, until I read Imogen’s tweet I was unaware of it.}

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