on Our Children

Today is my favorite youngest daughter’s birthday.

A few days ago Julia demanded I write a blog post in celebration of this auspicious day.  Actually she didn’t really, one of the many things I like about her is that she is assertive without being demanding.  She knows her own mind and won’t bow before anyone, including me.  As every child everywhere should be, not only to their parents but to the entire world, Julia is a very special child.

Last night my wife insisted we get a birthday card.  I’m not big on such things, however I changed my mind as soon as she said, “They mean a lot to her.”  Isn’t that the essence of what birthday celebrations should be about?  The things that mean a lot to the one whose birthday it is, rather than to those whose birthday it is not?

On Wednesdays Julia gets to sleep in since classes for the entire Junior and Senior grades start late due to something called “Working Wednesday”.  I never slept well last night and though I tried to get in a couple of extra hours that effort turned out to be a dismal failure.  Thus I was up, sitting on the couch when Julia came downstairs, plonked herself on my lap as though she is still five years old, and gave me a big hug while I wished her a happy sixteenth birthday.  That is sort of a tradition, I always inform her I’ve decided I’m not letting her grow any older while telling her she is a a year younger than she actually is.  She always responds by proudly asserting her real age.  I held her in our hug for longer than usual, my head buried in her neck as I composed myself.  I don’t think she noticed…

No matter what we do to try and keep our children young, they grow up…

But there is one place in which our children remain forever young – in our hearts.  And in so doing their memory serves the same for us, so no matter what you do don’t let your children age.  They truly are the fount of eternal youth.

{P.S. To all you doubters of how special our children are here is a link that will take you to a few things Julia, right on this blog.
And here is another, a little fairy tale I’m currently expanding into a Children’s Book inspired by my favorite youngest daughter, whose name I think you may already know.
And should you still be of a doubtful nature, here is the ultimate proof – a full-length work I promise is unlike anything you’ve ever read.  Within Malmaxa Julia is the Principal Heroine.  Yes, I changed her name – not to protect her identity, but to reveal her true nature.  Regardless, I’m sure you’ll soon recognize her and smile when you do…}

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