on Transgender Restrooms

Restrooms are not about sex, they are about gender. When it comes to evacuating your bowels the sex you identify with does not matter, your gender does.

Before you join the current hysteria and scream “Discrimination!“, stop, draw a few deep breaths, reengage your brain, and ask yourself a few questions.


Who is going to console the women and girls who are victimized by peeping toms who get some sort of perverted pleasure invading women’s restrooms?  Who is going to prevent drunken men from bursting into female restrooms because their cohorts dare them to “Just say you’re a transgender”?  Who is going to console the females who are raped in restrooms by men masquerading as women?  How do you feel about boys and men having free access to the restrooms your preteen and teenage daughters use? And mark my words, these entirely avoidable abuses won’t be perpetrated by women entering men’s restrooms – they will be perpetrated against girls and women by men.

Transgender rights to restroom access” is Political Correctness taken to idiotic extremes, and as usual it isn’t about civil rights or equality – it is about misinformation pandering to and trying to influence public opinion.

I’m a man, I don’t care if some woman is foolish enough to walk into a men’s restroom and say, “I think I’m a man today, so I have a right to be here.” In fact I’m probably the fool who’ll try to defend them from the other men in the restroom who demand she prove it. However I most certainly do care about men pretending to be women in order to enter a restroom my daughters, or indeed any women or girl, might use.  In my considered opinion permitting or endorsing such an action is a gross violation of every females right to privacy.

Am I saying transgender people must be forced to use the restroom of their birth gender?  No, I am not.  However we must consider what transgender means. If someone truly is transgender then they have transitioned from their birth gender to the semblance of the opposite gender.  If that is so, then you or I should not be able to tell them from someone who is actually of their transitioned gender, and they should definitely not be broadcasting this information.  This means the entire question of transgender restrooms is irrelevant, since real transgender people are already using them and have been for a very long time.

Which brings us right back to the fundamental flaw of this politically correct nonsense.  Namely how it literally opens the door to abuse by people masquerading as people of the opposite sex.  It does not bestow any new privileges on real transgender people, it bestows new rights on male perverts who can now pretend they are transgender in order to abuse women and girls.

When did we start thinking the rights of the few are of any greater worth than the rights of the many?  That is how this issue looks to me, misguided, completely unnecessary, recklessly dangerous, and grossly unfair to women everywhere.  And as a man, for me the worst thing about this entire fiasco is that it will adversely affect women far more than it will affect men.  Men have mistreated women enough, let us not open the doors to one of their last remaining sanctuaries from men, namely Female restrooms everywhere.

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