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No matter who you are, you won’t enjoy this post.

What is it about?  It’s about a world changing for the worse, it’s about the abject failure of the US political system, and most important of all, it is about a turning point for humanity.

My youngest daughter, Julia, asked me, “Why bother writing it if all it will do is make people angry?”  A guiding principle in my life precludes me from remaining silent the way far far too many of us will and are already doing, “All it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing.”  I already have a terrible struggle believing I am a good man.  Indeed, that statement isn’t quite true.  I know I am not a good man and I have a terrible struggle keeping guilt at bay.  That is how it should be.  We should not receive a free pass from our conscience, for if we did then what purpose would our conscience serve?

Divided we conquer, united we fall.  No, I didn’t make a typo, that is the way the political “elite” play with the minds of the electorate.  Those in power and those struggling to get into power know the best way to stay or get there is to divide the voters.  When we are divided, they conquer. When we are united, they fall.  They divided us, and they have won again.

We recently elected an example of all the most despicable traits humanity possess rolled into a vile ball that goes by the name of Donald Trump.  Only we didn’t – the Electoral College did that.  The majority of Americans, myself included, did not vote for Donald Trump.  Trump lost the democratic vote by around 2.9 million votes.  Trump lost, but he is going to assume the role of President of the United States anyway.

Is this democracy?  No, it is not.

Ask yourself how it is that some people’s votes are worth less than others?  How is it that where we live determines how much influence our vote has?  I wonder if anyone else sees the similarity between this abominable fact and the early days of the US Constitution, in which certain people were counted as only three-fifths of other people?

Let me be clear.  I did not vote for Hillary Clinton, I voted against Donald Trump.  Like the vast majority of Americans I am sick of the “politics as usual” spew both political parties ram down our throats.  I am tired of the divisive nonsense that rears its ugly head every election year.  Was I enamored with Hillary Clinton?  Not by a long chalk.  However from virtually the first time I saw him on television I have been utterly appalled by the nasty little man who will now assume the role of President of the United States of America.  In my personal life I don’t tolerate erratic vacillating liars, braggarts, racists, sexists, bullies, or bigots – and as evidenced by the spew that constantly issues from his own mouth Donald Trump is all of those, and worse.

How about Hillary Clinton?  Let me put it this way.  I read a lot of propaganda that alienated me against her {it now turns out a significant portion of that propaganda originated from Russia}.  However every time I saw her on television I saw a consistently thoughtful, considerate and polite person, with whom I often did not agree.  To me it soon became obvious that the “evidence” against Clinton was allegation, misdirection, and blatant propaganda.  I ultimately realized there is an enormous difference between hysterical allegations made by biased people, and evidence that pours out of a bigot’s mouth – ugly and plain enough for everyone to see.

Trump continues to condemn himself with the horrible, abhorrent things he says.

As for those of you who voted for this despicable monster?  You don’t get a pass.

You can’t brush your choice aside by saying, “I’m not like the small group of racists at Trumps rallies.”   You heard and saw Trump inciting racial, religious, and sexual bigotry multiple times, yet you still voted for him – therefore you are like them.

You can’t allege Trumps democratic loss by around 2.9 million votes is “Sour grapes from sore losers.”  Those are definitive votes cast by people who should have an equal say in the election of their President, however they don’t.  If you say those votes shouldn’t count equally, then you have abandoned the guiding principle of democracy.

You can’t allege “voter fraud“, because if such a thing truly exists then logic asserts that as much of said voter fraud will exist on both sides of the political divide.

Let me me ask you some simple questions.  Would you leave someone like Donald Trump alone with your wife or your female friend?  What would you do if you discovered your boss habitually sexually assaulted your fellow workers, while blowing off  his behavior as “locker-room talk“?  Would you stand by and do nothing as a vindictive bully attacked people and principals you respect?  Would you want someone like Donald Trump for a friend?

I think your answers to those questions say an enormous amount about your character.  I wonder if you’ll still be able to convince yourself you’re a good person when you realize you voted for the precise opposite of a morally decent one?  I wonder if you’ll be able to open your mind enough to realize what you have done, and where it leads not only the United States, but the entire world.  I wonder.

Does Donald Trump deserve a chance?  Since he has already squandered multiple chances, he does not.

Remember, all it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing.  Staying silent about Donald Trump’s abhorrent behavior, is doing nothing.

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  1. Bright Quang says:

    The Ambitious Leadership

    In my opinion, I think that Mr. Trump who is the best leader. When the Trump has nominated Mr. Rex Tiller son who is secretary of state of the United States of America, the Trump is an sublime politician without have worst.

    First of all, the America wishes to lead the whole world for the long run, so our America should be reconciled with Russia. For example, throughout Syria war, we do realize in compare, that high – technology of modern weapon of Russia is the same as our nation. Moreover, we fight for supremacy with Russia, we can not win it. Specially, Mr. Putin wishes to reconcile with us in order to live together peace.

    Second, we shall have free time when we are coping with mainland China. Because Chinese communist would not reconcile with our America, the ambition of invasion of the Chinese communist does not only limit but also be limitless in the long run. For example, few of nations are together borderland with China, their borderlands are gradually gnawed by the Chinese communist. In fact, the Chinese communist leaders are barbarous great than other leaders of the world.

    Third, Chinese communist leaders were murdered for the innocent two million Falun Gong without judge, they murdered religious Falun Gong. When they were taken internal organs of alive Falun Gong, they have been exporting international organs to the whole world. How would we think about the Chinese leaders?

    in conclusion, if our America should together live reconcile peace with Russia, we, the United States of America and Russia together lead the peaceful world because the Russian people and the American people are the same as free ideology in the past. When us found a state, we were reconciled with tsar in the past. With compare, the Chinese have been invaded to Vietnam for more than four thousand years in the past, but, today, the Chinese did not forgive for a small backward Vietnam. As a result, the Chinese leaders have never had respect for any International conventions – for example, HAGUE ISSUES RULES AND TIMETABLE. If our America would take advantage of small interests, we have been supporting for China, the long run the China that shall destroy our nation but also wish dye-red for the United States of America. To talk about Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan wars, which have been consuming for the six thousand trillions dollars, but wars do not win. When the young Americans were fallen in these wars.If the six thousand trillion dollars of wars, we should build for housing , donate to our American homeless that is better more than playing war game.

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