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Is a picture worth a thousand words, or is it instead that it might take a thousand words to describe one?

on Boxes

Primarily because I believe beauty deserves to be shared, I recently showed a spectacularly beautiful image my sixteen year old daughter Julia drew to a couple of my co-workers.  One person’s response to the picture appalled me.  That feeling has … Continue reading

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Suns and their Sets

~ Suns Rise to Set ~ ~ Upon the planets of a thousand suns do a thousand sunsets die then with a thousand dawns are they resurrected again their faces reform upon their worlds and within every watching eye may … Continue reading

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The things we do for love…

An amazing song by 10cc, take a moment and listen… 10cc – The things we do for love. to accompany an amazing image that never fails to pick me up.  What mother fails to love her progeny? None that I … Continue reading

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