Creation, or Evolution?

In an attempt to understand ourselves and our place within the cosmos, thinking people {yes, I do classify myself as such} inevitably wrestle with their beliefs.

Open your mind and read on… if something has sealed that door, then farewell, I have no desire to offend.  Likewise, for those already gloating in anticipation of the debunking of your oppositions beliefs, I doubt you will remain so satisfied.  Demonizing those who hold views differing from your own should remain the domain of worthless politicians.  It has no place here.

Belief, what is it?  Complex, insubstantial, yet defining. We all have it, believers and atheists alike. “But I don’t believe!”  I hear the atheist assert.  Of course you do… yet your belief is in the lack.  A quandary, no?

Before I alienate everyone {a skill I hold in abundance, and abundant esteem}, let me share a tweet revealing some of me.

Since WordPress embeds sometimes fail, this is what I said “If I am anything, I am a Believer – in Logic, Love, Nature, Karma, the Spirit-[]-Soul, Fate, and the Immutable Laws of Physics.

Every word of that is truth, as I see it.  I don’t hold you to any of those things, indeed I hope your beliefs differ greatly from my own. After all, isn’t diversity vital to the well-being of any species?

Some will be tempted to tear at my words, in vain I warn, for each element have I long considered.  Each word upon a platform sits, and before it do I bow.  Each, is truth, to me.  Yet how can this be? Does not Logic defy Fate, it does. Are the Immutable Laws of Physics, mutable?  They are not {of course, there are exceptions to all absolutes}, thus they place themselves at odds with Karma.  But I believe in both. Each alone, and each in contradiction.  Note well that Logic leads my list, it is foremost in a group of equals.

Perhaps it might be easier to explain things in matters of Disbelief.  Very well, here goes.

I don’t believe in either Religious Creationism, or Evolution.  Allow me opportunity to explain my position on these.

Religious Creationism.  The only form of Creationism I accept is that I, in conjunction with my wife, have created four progeny.  For each I take both the Glory and the Blame, as does my wife.  They are our ultimate, and our only tangible Creations. Everything else was there before, and could as easily have come from the hands, hearts, or loins of any other.  Our children?  They could come from naught save our union, thus we did indeed create them.  Not in our image, I am most pleased to say.  Though their genes might be derived, their Character is their own.  As to Religious Creationism… well, if we were created, then what created our creator, and what demands we subjugate our souls before whatever it was that created us?  Surely, if we’re really smart, we’d worship the creator of our creator?  No, wait!  Make that the creator of our creator’s creator.  See where this is leading? A circular path with no end, and no point.

Evolution.  As generally taught, is an unproven theory stated as a fact, and accepted by many as such. How many graphs and pretty pictures have I seen allegedly revealing the smooth, gradual transformation of one species into another?  Many.  Yet I remain utterly unconvinced.  Logic asserts Evolution’s truth with seductive words “…it must be so, everyone agrees, simply accept it…”  Then Logic defies itself by demanding hard, irrefutable evidence – evidence which is sorely lacking, unless accepted with huge leaps of faith to surmount the gaps in evolution’s chains.  Evolution as it is taught, a smooth transition from one species into another, demands acceptance, not on verifiable evidence, but on faith.  All the brightest say it’s so, so who am I, to go against this flow?  Startling.  Isn’t that precisely what organized religion demands?  And there are just as many highly esteemed people on that side of this issue.

Religious Creationism, and Evolution are irreconcilable opposites.  If you think they’re the only choices, then take your pick.  Personally, I choose neither.

The human need for understanding drives the need for “Belief”.  Our nature demands we understand how things are, what caused them, and what will ultimately result from them.  When faced with something we cannot assimilate, we lose our capability for reason and accept whatever the majority of our fellows have accepted.  This, is probably a species imperative.  If the majority accept it, and they’re alive the they’ve found a path to safety therefore they must be right.  Both Religious Creationism and Evolution fall into this deceptive category.

So, what do I really believe {do you truly care, why thank you :)}?  Though I told you earlier, I’ll phrase it in different words a second time.  I believe in choice, contradiction, and inevitable change.  I long for the day a logical argument contradicts me, changes my mind, and displaces Logic as the foremost concept to which I grant my obeisance.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.  If so, please re-tweet it {there might be a link at the top of the post}, let’s meet in the twitterverse and walk alongside one another for a time.  Who knows, we might find the One True Path, amongst the many…

Meanwhile, if you desire further food for thought, consider reading more of my {slightly} deeper thoughts, framed in literature as lyrical as I am able.  I’ve published a series, to which I’ve assigned an entirely new genre {I never claimed to lack Arrogance} – namely, Philosophy, couched as Fantasy.  The journey into hidden thoughts, difficult choices, and metaphor begins here. The sample is entirely free, while being insanely expensive – its price?  The most precious thing any of us have, besides our children, time.

1. Prompted by a discourse with @mcknick85, on the theory of evolution. Personally, I have never understood why a theory is misstated as a fact.

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2 Responses to Creation, or Evolution?

  1. So how did we get here? We know how your children came into this world. But then I might ask who moved you to impregnate your partner? I think that is where God does work, if at all. Humans love it; the ways of procreation. Animals have to do it. Or they’re sterilized and they don’t miss it. If you were suddenly made impotent by some accident you would feel a loss, even if you have kids. You might feel your work is complete.

    It sounds as if you don’t believe humans have the capacity for belief. Or you personally question the fixation of beliefs that most likely will never come to fruition. There are at least two songs I can think of that mention the “reason to believe.” This is where God, or a benevolent figment of one’s imagination, might call an audible. The drive to succeed and persevere against significant odds is reinforced by belief. There is a need inherent to some to belong and be needed; to pop up and be counted.

    I came to the epiphany that I don’t believe in God. Alone. I believe (and trust) in other people that believe in God. It is like the Wizard of Oz. “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” However, there is no man and not even a curtain. It is a metaphorical curtain and we are compelled to ignore it; to go on with our struggles in spite of life’s cursory pain.

    I mention this revelation in my poem “My Epiphany was heard.” I see your handle, your URL, on my blog a lot. You must like what you see. I thank you.
    Menahem B Moshe

  2. Interesting mini-essay which I’d mostly agree with! You may be interested in my Kabir poem on my blog (and other musings. ) Many of my blogs take a similar viewpoint as yours. 😉

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