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I abhor politics.  donald trump {capitalization intended} brings home why.

trump, a small-minded vindictive bigot with a vastly oversized ego, has assumed a very big office, which he is using as a bully-pulpit as he proceeds to blatantly disregard various core foundations of the US Constitution.

The U.S.A is supposed to be a country in which Freedom of Speech is a constitutionally guaranteed right.  Not according to trump, who has already issued executive orders that attempt to remove this right from crucial governmental agencies and their officials whose findings are at odds with his desires.  trump has just attempted to gag the EPA and the USDA.   He has also attempted to have the FDA gag the press by denying press passes to reporters who air undesirable views.  Yes, another constitutional foundation toppled, namely infringing on the Freedom of the Press.

Welcome to censorship, a system of governmental control with which I already have firsthand knowledge.  Do you think censorship is about saving children from seeing things you don’t want them to see?  If you do, you are wrong on a myriad levels.  Censorship is about controlling access to information.  trump doesn’t want the citizens of this country to be well-informed, he wants them to see only what he wants them to see.  And what trump wants them to see has very little to do with fact.  Unless of course that fact is an “alternative fact” of his manufacture. “In leveling this attack, the president and Mr. Spicer made a series of false statements.” – New York Times.  Read the New York Time article, it presents clear, indisputable evidence of the actual facts, and of the false statements.

In case you don’t know what a “false statement” is, I will tell you – it is a LIE.

trump is a liar.  Period.  Full-Stop.  The End.  And that is not an alternative fact, it is an indisputable one.

In light of the fact that trump lost the democratic vote by around 2.9 million votes I will never acknowledge him as a legitimately elected president.  Another term comes to mind for trump…  our new führer has further violated the constitution by refusing to place his personal holdings into a blind trust during his tenure in office.  Indeed he went on a spending spree after becoming president-elect, establishing multiple companies in various foreign countries.  The conflict of interests this creates is so self-evident I see no point in further investigating it – indeed, it is already obvious trump supporters are incapable of countenancing the truth about their führer.

Führer, I use that term intentionally.  As I stated in a post written almost a year ago, the similarities between trump and Hitler are frighteningly obvious.  My youngest daughter and I were discussing the Nazi regime, in particular how such unbelievable cruelty could go unchecked.  I suspect the majority of Germans knew nothing about the Holocaust until long after the war ended.  I suspect they were  victims of rampant unchecked governmental censorship, along with a steady diet of alternative facts. I suspect the fascists controlled everything the German people thought they knew.

What is a “fascism“?  As defined by Wikipedia, “Fascism /ˈfæʃɪzəm/ is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism…”  Sound eerily familiar?  It should,  since a radical authoritarian nationalist supported by vehement nationalists currently occupies the White House.  Lest you think trump’s supporters are patriots, let me dissuade you by giving you my personal definition of what a true patriot is.

A patriot is one who cares enough about their country to ensure it does good, not one who does what their country says without caring if it is good.

trump will do no good for the United States therefor he is no patriot, nor has he ever been one.  trump may make himself a lot of money by ignoring constitutional safeguards against obvious conflicts of interest, but he won’t enrich America.  There is only one thing trump has ever put first, and that is trump.

Until the trump administration is terminated, prepare to watch catastrophic events unfold.  Unfortunately, no matter how soon trump’s administration ends, irreparable damage has already been done to US prestige throughout the world.  Under a trump administration enormous damage will be done to civil liberty, our viability as a world leader, our wealth as independent citizens, and our environment.  That last sentence is not a statement of facts, it is my predictions of our future.  We need to change this future, FAST!  I believe the only way we can do that is by ejecting trump.

The USA is in dire straits.  No decent person can possibly justify ignoring the excessive abuses of power already committed by trump.  Namely curtailing Freedom of Speech, infringing the Freedom of the Press, violating Constitutional bars against Conflicts of Interest.  Nobody should be exempt from the supreme law of the USA, and that law is the Constitution.  trump clearly holds himself above it, I wonder where he holds you?

Though trump’s era will not end well, it needs to end soon.  Does the Republican dominated government have the moral courage to stand up to a vindictive fascist bully?  Sadly I think they’ve already shown they don’t – they are too busy pushing their own agendas to do the right thing – which is to impeach this despicable bigot.

In closing, let me ask you this.  What good has trump ever done for anyone besides himself?  I think you will be hard pressed to answer, but this might help you start this fruitless search.

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