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Negative, turned about, is positive.

How did it come about that society has so indoctrinated us into believing that questioning how things are is “being negative”, while accepting our miserable lot in life is “being positive”? I look at our world, for that is what … Continue reading

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Submissive, to Society.

Does society serve us, or do we serve society? In a conversation with a female friend she mentioned how she had been brought up to be submissive.  I felt an inexplicable pleasure at this and since I believe inexplicable deserves … Continue reading

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Places, that shiver.

We’re all concerned with things larger than life. For the religious, that translates into belief of a greater, guiding power. For those lacking the comfort of religion, the same thoughts are troubling. Regardless of which camp you fall into, each … Continue reading

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Belief vs. Un-Belief

Why belief versus non-belief is so often reduced to a matter of conflict, I simply don’t know. I am an individual, as are you and every other person inhabiting this world. We all hold an essential right – the right … Continue reading

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