Twitter, whofor art I?

What can you expect from me, on Twitter? If you stay, you’ll find my thoughts, phrased in my own words. Very occasionally I’ll quote others, more often my own books – after all, marketing Malmaxa was my principle motivation for tweeting, though that may change.  Everything comes at a price – mine, is words you may often dislike.

If you’ve chosen to remain, my sympathy – no place is this, for the faint of heart… nor those with minds set, and unchangeable.
Lack time for verbiage?  No problem, either leave now, or jump straight to my favorite tweets, there to judge me worthy as a fellow to follow, or not – after all that’s why we’re all here {I think}.

  • Who, and what am I, at least to Tweeters?
    A teller, of twisted truths, as I see them.
    A caster of complexity, my net… words, ripped from my heart.
    A social media newbie, entirely unmotivated to change that irrelevant aspect of existence.
    A contrary, thorny old man, as my avatar depicts.
    Difficult to tolerate, till you realize I’m not arguing against you, but with you.
    An enjoyer of thinking, and of reading the results of other’s ramblings, and responding.
    A lover of lyrical words, striving always to accomplish such, and failing, too often.
    Honesty, hidden within deliberately deceptive words.
    A frequent laugher.
    A youthful soul, trapped in age.
    A detester of no one more than myself {though some come awfully close}.
    A turner, of contradiction in phrase.
    A seeker of like {and unlike} minded people, with revealing, contrary comments to share.
    A name, borrowed from an honorable man, now immortal in my heart.
    The creator of a broken genre… philosophy, couched as fantasy, look elsewhere within my blog for tracks to trails leading to my {unique?} form of metaphor, or not.
    Father of four, husband of one, favorite middle child of seven, brother to four, grandfather of one {but hoping}, lover of one… and of many minds.
    A Dreamer.
    A troubled Soul with thoughts to spare, and to share.
    Not normal, though I appear so – to those I do not know.
    A Gemini, wrapped in its guise of three.
    A negative, keep your hands off my half-full glass, type of guy.
    A malcontent, seldom satisfied with my utterances.
    An author, aspiring, perspiring, and very very trying.
  • What am I doing on Twitter, and why am I bothering you?
    Easy, is the truth? Of course…
    I seek an audience who might be as touched by my writings, as am I for penning them.
    An audience, who’ll listen to things I’m still to say – and have insights of their own to share – dare I hope, that might be you?
  • What’s up with the weird avatar?
    My tagline used to contain the words “a thorny old man”, thus my pictorial depiction is a representation of what my “mark” might be {in my series, Malmaxa} – assuming I had a role in that tale, which I don’t.  The symbol visualizes the thorns of the Segattoo, which are used by Symbologists to etch the marks of family within the Souls of the Seizen. Though I’m no graphic artist, I’m proud of my effort – here it is, slightly larger.

For the tolerant few who’ve reached this far, a reward – a vision of loveliness, adorned, with her heritage

  • What made me choose you, or vice-a-verse?
    If you chose me, my thanks! Rest assured that once you reveal yourself with words, I might follow you, and thus will our circle begin.
    If I chose you, well…
    I cheated, finding you in a multitude of tricky manners.  Perhaps associated with someone I know.  After reading your bio I either turned away, or aimed my mouse and clicked its trigger. The rest… might become history.
    Please don’t send me links to validate who I am.  Since I am not… you’ll get no response, and know the message you never received, was from me.
    Cleanups will occur – assuming I ever figure Twitter out, which seems unlikely…
    You can read about the start of my journey into Twitter here, assuming you have time, to whittle away.

About C.G.Ayling

Musing misuser of words, lover of lyrical literature, author, occasional contrary thoughts. An honorable man’s name, in memoriam.
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  1. Jay Squires says:

    Astute, irreverent, love with a dash of paprika. Oh, yes, I love this post. I love your little-off-kilter view of Twitter, the people who would follow you {and would not} — you see, I even accept your nose-thumb at Mr. Parenthesis. Yeah, I think I’ll like it here.

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