Adelmar’s Recollection – audio.

The link below is to my personal attempt at a voice recording. While reading the words that poured from our heart onto paper is difficult enough, reading them aloud is orders of magnitude moreso.  Indeed it makes me appreciate those who record audio books – walking in another’s shoes truly reveals the difficulty of their path.  Be warned, this is quite likely one of the most difficult things I’ve ever managed to do.

Please note this recording is from an early version, though the words have changed the content has not. Here is the opening of Beltamar’s War, the first book in my epic work of Philosophy, Couched as Fantasy – Malmaxa.

Beltamar’s War Chapter 1, Section 1 – Adelmar’s Recollection.

I hope it intrigues you enough to read the tale.  Thank you for listening.

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