Time, to write a wrong.

Time past righting a wrong, and this my writing of this wrong, in poetic form.

Marriage Equality.
Religion’s Organized Refrain.
You must believe as we, or heathen will you be.
Don’t confuse the faithful with your lies
don’t dare to make them open, their dogma shuttered eyes.
Marriage is a word most meaningful,
that has but one design,
its only purpose is fruitful copulation
with other gendered, of your kind.
How dare the unbelievers, take our holy word
and twist, and turn it into something so absurd
as love between two people,
without bias for gender,
Without honor for… our holy word.
Love, for one of your own gender?
For anyone who dares use reason from their own brain
You must show contempt,
and haughty disdain.
Reason’s Refrain.
You proclaim your god is mighty, loving, and true,
then by your deeds prove, his holy words mean nothing, to you.
Twist the words written, that they might suit just you.
Who are you to claim protection of the words you hold holy
when by your efforts, you twist it into something so absurd
as “love may only exist between those of opposite gender”.
To thinkers, this obscenity, you dare to tender.
Only when it suits you, do you quote your holy words.
Often when it suits you, from context do you rip them,
and with that deed, remove any true meaning.
Picking and choosing, without gleaning
any truth they might once have held.
Guidance did they offer, words, like shalt… not must.
Meanings long since forgotten, corrupted by man’s lust.
Divinity is life, and life, divinity.
Within our single life, we strive for love.
We don’t know where we’ll find it,
spiritually, not body bound, flowing from without.
Or within the arms, of a mortal lover, maybe not devout.
True love knows no season,
true love doesn’t bow before dogmatic reason.
It clasps you by the heart,
and when it goes unrequited, it tears your afflicted soul apart.
You claim you love your brothers, and yet you segregate
you may not love another, whose gender yours does match.
If the only purpose of marriage is procreation,
then sinners are we all, without exemption.
Marriage is a commitment, an everlasting bond.
Marriage is not defined, by rigid little laws
or rigid little people, without true, just, and fair cause.
Does not marriage within in it hold love?
Another simple, holy word…
Love is not subject to reason,
Love does not flinch before distrust,
Love does not fail before mis-reason,
nor bow before the discrimination,
of this misguided nation
The only thing, before which love kneels, is the claimer of your heart,
who love has brought together, let no one tear apart
Logic’s Refrain
No law that is not equal, should be tendered, as true.
No exceptions should we make
that  within our laws entomb, foul discrimination.
As anyone can see, this must be folly
this, cannot be…
Any decent person must demand…
Marriage Equality.

 {I make no apologies for my changed views on Marriage. If you’re interested in the motivations of a contrary man, you may read my tale of enlightenment here, and here.}

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Musing misuser of words, lover of lyrical literature, author, occasional contrary thoughts. An honorable man’s name, in memoriam.
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